The Basics

11 Dec

This blog is intended to be a discussion of issues, events and other happenings in the library science profession.  This includes archives, libraries, museums, and other institutions that serve the same types of functions.  It will have personal perspectives on the topics and is meant to be a more informal venue for discussion – not every source will be cited, not every quote attributed.  It’s supposed to be more along the vein of a friendly chat with others in your field, operating on the assumption no one is going to make something up out of thin air.  Strong opinions need not be diluted as long as they aren’t inflammatory at any one person, and if you disagree you’re welcome to say so.

Eventually I’d love to get some more people offering their perspectives but for now it will be just me, Torra, as I will be called here.  No, it’s not my real name, but it is a nickname and there’s no need for me to divulge all my personal information on a very public blog.  I will be adding more content in the near future, but for now this is it.  Upcoming: a post on WikiLeaks.


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