New wave: ebooks versus paper

23 Aug

A quick little post!

There’s a lot of debate about the ebook versus paper book dilemma libraries currently face.  I’m in a silly mood, so I am not going to discuss pros and cons.  I am going to put my thoughts about each onto this blog, and you can see if something resonates with you.  Or add something – I love input!


  • Overpriced for digital content, considering the cost to publishers to mass produce compared to paper
  • DRM sucks, hardcore, all the time.  For more on that, see my post about Digital Rights Management
  • All those eReaders?  They’re really unattractive and inflexible.
  • Bonuses include making the print larger –  I am bearing this in mind for when my eyes start to go
  • I see the evolution of technology as being a problem.  What if I use a proprietary format that becomes obsolete before the average life of a paperback (and I happen to take excellent care of mine)?  How low is  cheap enough to justify this risk?
  • I hate needing to charge a book.  With a plug.  In a wall.
  • Portability = PLUS.  I might actually get to read something on vacation because I’d have room for it
  • Annotating an ebook doesn’t make me feel guilty

Paper books

  • They smell good
  • They look pretty
  • Inscriptions are incredible ephemera that have a lot of value
  • There’s an inherent satisfaction at seeing one’s progress throughout a book, and it’s great for time management!
  • They’re always on, always available, and don’t require batteries or charging
  • You never hear of someone being mugged for their paperback
  • The print is crisper than an ebook, also good for your eyes
  • Hefting a book makes you work for your knowledge – anything worth having is worth working for, right?

Any other suggestions or thoughts?


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