Snacks for Thought

18 Nov

Because this isn’t long enough to count as “food for thought.”

Yesterday we got a very interesting piece of mail. As the background, you should know we own our home – that means our current name and address is a matter of public record. If you know how to dig, you can find us. This is different from before, when we lived in an apartment and there were no public records specifically relating to our residence (we don’t list in the phone book).

Cut to yesterday. A letter, handwritten, comes addressed to my husband. It uses our old apartment’s address and has been forwarded courtesy of the post office. The return address is a PO Box, and upon opening and reading the letter, we are both astonished. It’s from a Jehovah’s Witness. They didn’t come to our door, they sent a “Jehovah Saves” letter. To an address more difficult to obtain than our current one.

I know, you’re going to say that we signed up for something. We didn’t. I have no idea how they got that information.

So, today’s point is that you should know what kinds of information constitute public record, essentially like Facebook’s recently demised “opt-out” policy, and to what uses others put your information. You are the custodian of your data and information, and you should act accordingly.


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