Surfin’ USA…Amazon

31 Jan

If you’re a regular reader, you know I do collection development and that I love it with an unholy passion.  One of the places I look for inspiration is Amazon.  Don’t judge me.  It can lead to some interesting materials, and here’s a collection of what I found and how I got there.  The first is by far the most bizarre, but all are out of place compared to what I was looking for.

  • I was searching, at the request of a program director, for DVDs on hair cutting techniques.  If you search movies and TV, limit it to super-saver/Prime eligible materials, and make sure you select DVD format, I promise you the 5th result (as of Sept. 12, 2011) is Primal Man Nude Haircut.  Needless to say, this is not what our program director had in mind.
  • Don’t look for “dental” on Amazon unless you have the time to refine your search a lot.  Otherwise, be prepared for dog treats.
  • Sometimes, since we have a medical program, I have to search for books on sexual health.  I guess deer antler is good for that…
  • If you look for “vet tech” as a basic Amazon search, you tend to get good results.  Until number 6.
  • “Internet Technology” is just too general.  Way to go with your targeted marketing, Amazon, at #2 on my results…
  • Even random things catch your eye as you browse.  Like the book Thomas Kinkade: the artist in the mall.  I’m not really sure who would read this, but it’s highly recommended by Choice.  How about that?

What about you?  Do you look for materials for your library?  If so, what strange things have you found?


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