“Big money, no Whammy! STOP!”

4 Mar

A follow-up to “You are human”, alternatively titled “Coping with Stress.”  You’ll get why I picked the other one later.

We all have days at work when we just can’t do anything else work-related.  Our heads are about to explode, someone left a…personal mess in the stacks, or you’ve just dealt with the gamut of patrons who are all convinced you DO have the answer they want, even if the question is “What is William Shakespeare’s telephone number?” and don’t like the answer “he doesn’t have one.”  At times like those, there’s a choice to be made: run screaming into the night, or find some way to laugh.

I’m a firm believer that if you can laugh at something, your day instantly gets better.  It lightens your mind and reminds you that not everything has to be serious, or handled with care.  YouTube is a valuable tool for finding something to laugh at.  Maybe your thing is corgis being cute?  Or kittens playing the piano?  Or some other entirely non-threatening to your state of mind fluff?  Go, take 3 minutes, and watch it.  Breathe deeply while you do and laugh out loud.  I promise you’ll come back feeling rejuvenated if you honestly give it a chance to work.

As for me?  If you know where the title-quote came from, you know what I do.  I watch people losing “Press Your Luck” on YouTube; they’re all so serious, and then they get whammied and the little dancing monster shows up and does “Thriller”.  How can you not laugh at that?  Even the people who just lost laugh at it, and that’s saying something.


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