Faculty Involvement

22 Mar

Faculty make the library go ’round.  Don’t think so?  They’re the best word-of-mouth advertisers you can get.  Here’s why:

  • They have a captive audience
  • They have a degree of control over that audience’s actions, in the form of assignments and grades
  • They usually come pre-convinced how awesome the library is

How can we not love that?  We do reach out to faculty where I work, and it’s more than trying to assist with their research.  If you haven’t heard of embedded librarianship, you should go find out about it.  We reach out to faculty by using embedded librarianship to function as a sort of teaching assistant, giving extra resources and help to students within the context of the course they’re taking.  It’s a way to work together that benefits both sides and has little to no chance of fostering any competition or ill-will.  Our instructors like it because it takes pressure off them regarding instantaneous answers, and helps weed out the students who just need a nudge, rather than serious help.

On the other side, the faculty gets more involved with the library because they function as special topic advisers on the resources provided by us.  They develop a stake in the collection, both print and digital, and are more likely to refer students to particular materials because they know what’s there.

Faculty involvement in this way is a clear win-win.  How do you get others involved in your library practices, or partner with unlikely people to strengthen your service?


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