Social media for the anti-social

24 Apr

If you’re like me, social media is a gigantic challenge.  If you’re not, come back later; this post isn’t for you.

I don’t think the technology is a challenge, or the concept is a challenge.  But the practice of social media?  That’s difficult for me.  Probably because at heart, I am what I think of as “selectively social”…others might say anti-social, but there are distinctions.  I, like most, have a core group of friends and family that I keep updated on most of my life.  Everyone else gets much-diluted information, if they get any at all.  It’s not because I like those people less, it’s because I have a mutual trust relationship with the core people and they’ve become the ones I’m excited to share things with.  I also don’t believe that everything I have to say are pearls of wisdom that should be shared with all and sundry – rather, the opposite: I don’t think very much of what anyone has to say is wonderful.  Seth Godin’s blog is a great example.  If you think those words come even close to a significant percentage of what he thinks/says in a day, you don’t do math well.

So, when I joined the social media team at work, it was a huge adjustment.  I wanted to create meaningful content, but now I have a schedule.  I must be routinely meaningful.  It’s frustrating when you go about your day, and you can’t think of anything you want to share your thoughts on.  I get burned out easily by having to check Facebook, and blog, and tweet, and then take care of my personal social media that I use to keep in touch with people I’ve got deeper and more connection.  Tools, that I’ll discuss later, help, but the problem is really me.  I don’t view my activities as share-worthy, and that’s what social media is all about.

How do you deal with social media?  Is it easy for you, or do you have to sit and construct outlines for topics that you can then pull from?  Do you get burned out by it, or does it invigorate you?  I want to know!


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