Who is the GenY Librarian, anyway?

IN SHORT: Snarky librarian just trying to live with integrity, accepting happiness as it comes, and not succumbing to insanity along the way.  Most days, it doesn’t work all that well and insanity shows up.

I graduated in May 2010 with a master of library and information science.  I concentrated on archives during her studies but have some experience with libraries as well.  I’ve done work on copyright and intellectual property, published two book reviews, collaborated on the creation of a library exhibit and served time in the trenches of the archival profession: processing and arranging. I’m very interested in records management as well as archives and am constantly arguing the two are not really disparate professions.

Currently, I work in a career college library as a librarian, and the head of collection development and acquisitions.  This satisfies the records manager in me, as well as giving me a chance to build collections that our students can use while they’re learning a profession.  It’s a fascinating, emerging, type of library to work in, with all the benefits of a small library and the added bonus of functioning quite similarly in many respects to a public library.


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