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Library Mascots

10 Oct

A short blog today, on the value of library mascots.  I know it sounds silly, or hokey, but one of the things I did during my first week at my current job was find a library mascot.  It doesn’t have to be something real.  Mine is this:

This cat, whom I have named Malcolm, gets many comments.  Children of students who come through always ask where the real cat is, students laugh after a hard day, and I get something that makes me smile.  It’s a win all around.  Plus, on cranky days, Malcolm totally understands.  Look at that face!  He gets it.

So what are your library mascots?  Are they real, toys, a picture?  How do your patrons respond?


Dewey Decimal System.

29 Aug

I sincerely hope this is what Dewey would be like today. Because that would be awesome.